What To Watch During The lockdown?

I love a series on the box whether it's Netflix, HBO, BBC - whoever. My husband was brought up in the film industry in LA and worked in it for many years so movies and  TV series have always been something we do together and we really enjoy watching a show. My recommendations are not overly girly or things to watch on your own, rather, as we are all at home, things that you might like to watch with your other half. I've chosen shows that are (in my opinion) not so obvious as am assuming you may have already watched a lot of the big ones.


Fauda - Netflix
I really liked this. It's gritty, feels real and gave me a glimpse into a different world and the tension between Israel and Palestine. Fast moving, some romance, good characters, ticked a lot of boxes. There are two seasons out and I think the third is due for this year.
Succession - HBO/Sky
Family drama of publishing magnate based in NYC. Coming from a family not totally dissimilar to this, I really liked watching this show. It's well written, the characters are strong and there is a lot of black humour in it. Guys can easily watch this too.
Giri/Haji - BBC
Japanese/British detective thing with interesting filming and twists. Not the best but easily watchable if you have run out of things to see. Probably most interesting is the cross cultural part of the series.
Money Heist - Netflix
We are watching this Spanish crime caper at the moment. A little silly for me but it's light, fast moving and you can easily watch a few on an evening. To be honest, it's getting better and I know a few people who liked it so we are sticking with it.
So happy watching :o)

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