Our Heritage

Crumpet is the brain child of Zara Juricic who has a deep love of the tiny himalayan kingdom of Nepal and cashmere. This love began twenty years ago when she first began importing pashminas to London and Los Angeles. Two decades later what began as a simple line of shawls has evolved into a fully fledged label that she runs with her husband Dana. They run their business between Kathmandu and North Essex where they live with their three teenage sons.


Cashmere is the one of the finest natural fibres in the world, cherished for its soft touch and superior warmth. The yarns used are premium grade and harvested from goats who live on the high plains of Inner Mongolia. Once the yarn has been spun, treated and dyed, it is used to make one off pieces that will with the right care, last a lifetime.


All the brand’s cashmere pieces are made by hand by local artisans in family owned factories in Kathmandu. Garments are knitted and shawls and scarves woven and printed in small runs to create unique and exquisitely crafted pieces that are relaxed yet luxurious. All the processes and finishing are done by hand to the very highest degree, creating must have pieces that feel amazing to touch.


Crumpet captures a relaxed free spirit that is inspired by Zara’s love of travel. The brand’s ethos is to fuse the artisanal craftsmanship of the east with the more modern shapes of the west, creating luxuriously detailed must -haves. Crumpet has a loyal following and is worn by ladies of style all over the world.