Sequins and why we love them.

We love sequins and that's not just because the festive season is almost upon us. We love them because they never fail to cheer us up and putting something on that sparkles is always a winner.

I have a long full length, silver maxi skirt and every time I need something a little bit wow, I pull it out. I’ve worn it to weddings, black tie dinners and even to a beach party. I had it made in Nepal a couple of years ago and whilst it was expensive at the time, it was definitely worth it.

We know people always say don't save your best for best and we really are genuine advocates of this. When I first started designing and selling cashmere, my mother wouldn’t wear it, instead saving everything I gave her for ‘best".  After a lot of pushing and persuading, I’m now glad to say that she is keen wearer of Crumpet and wears lots of cashmere! In fact, it is because of her that I found the winning cold weather combination of a Uniglo thermal underneath a piece of cashmere - my daily go-to.

Our little sequin cashmere cardigan is a case in point. It’s much more versatile and wearable than you probably think. It's obviously perfect for any party as well as Christmas Day but surprisingly works well with a pair of jeans. It can actually be worn with pretty much everything.

Crafted in Kathmandu from our super, soft yarns and then embroidered by hand, it’s a very special piece that with the right care will last for years.

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