Woven with Love.

All our woven pieces are made by artisans in the Kathmandu Valley in Nepal. To make one of these woven pieces, the cashmere yarns are strung and loomed up to the size and weight that we request. This varies from style to style as different pieces have different plys, weaves and sizes. We have to know exactly what we want with these specifications as what we request is what makes the finished pieces look and feel the way they do.

The first stage in weaving is stringing up the looms. This is done by master craftsman; without their technical know how, nothing would get done. Many times the shawls are woven completely by hand but looms that are somewhat mechanised can also be used. It depends on the style.


Often the shawls are initially just woven in white, natural yarn and hand dyed and hand printed afterwards. You often visit factories where you see plain white shawls drying on washing lines in the sunshine. This is nothing like how they will look when they are finished but the weaving, the first process, is complete.

The next process is to take the shawl and do something to it and that's where the fun begins!

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